Back to School & A Change In Schedule

September is here and so is the ball of stress that occupies my chest, surrounding my heart until June. As if working as a teacher in a really cool, on-the-forefront-of-modern-education program isn’t enough, I am also going to school so I can maintain my teaching license. This is even more stressful. So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, that’s one reason. It’s not that I don’t love you, I do. You know that. You take time out of your busy lives to read these posts–well, most of you do. That guy over there–yeah, you–you just came in because you Googled the term “the shining for 13 year old?” and you don’t look like you’re staying. If you are, sit down, have a seat. If not, make room for the woman who Googled “attracted to dark things,” she might like it here.

Anyway, I really do appreciate you who read my blog as well as pony up the cash to buy one of my books (click on the Bibliography link above, the Books section for links on buying them for someone else; remember, Halloween and other gift-giving holidays are around the bend!). In between coursework–reading, writing, interviewing people, observing, crying, swearing, writing, and reading–I’ll be working on editing/revising both the novel and novella I’ve been working on for far too long. I’m dancing as fast as I can.

Also, I opted out of doing a reading at the 100 Thousands Poets for Change reading being held at the Gallery X in New Bedford next Saturday (Sept 24th). Mainly because of the aforementioned work. It also falls on a weekend I have my daughter, and while I’d love for her to have a chance to see me be Bill Gauthier, Writer, it’s just bad timing for me right now. But I still want you to go and check out the other great writers going.

So that’s all for now.

About Bill Gauthier

Bill Gauthier is a writer. His books include the collection CATALYSTS, ALICE ON THE SHELF, SHADOWED, and the forthcoming ECHOES ON THE POND. His stories and essays have appeared in DARK DISCOVERIES and BORDERLANDS.

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