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A collection of short fiction
Reissued in trade paperback and ebook in 2021
Crossroad Press

A collection of short fiction.
Cover by Alan M. Clark.
Foreword by Thomas F. Monteleone.
250 signed/numbered trade paperbacks.
Dark Discoveries Publications.
October 2007.

Currently Out of Print

Back Cover Synopsis

A strange growth that will change a man…. People with open umbrellas when no rain is in sight…. An old suitcase with a haunting past and the man who decides to change its future…. A vengeful victim of a house fire…. A mattress that can bring a man hope in his dreams…. A mother so bent that she does the unthinkable to keep “her baby” from growing up…. These are only the catalysts.

Dark Discoveries Publications is proud to present CATALYSTS, the debut short story collection by regular DARK DISCOVERIES contributor Bill Gauthier. Thirteen darkly fantastic tales with art by Alan M. Clark and a foreword by Bram Stoker Award-winning author and editor Thomas F. Monteleone.

“Bill writes about real people experiencing surreal events. He makes you care about both the protagonists and the situations entangling them. His writer’s toolbox already has lots of the necessary implements and gadgets – emotion, passion, intellect and a sense of humor.” – Thomas F. Monteleone (from the Foreword)


  • Foreword by Thomas F. Monteleone
  • Introduction by Bill Gauthier
  • “The Growth of Alan Ashley”
  • “Drawn In”
  • “Inquisitor, Inc.”
  • “You Make My Flesh Crawl”
  • “Icarus Falling”
  • “Burned Out”
  • “Snow Day”
  • “The Umbrella People”
  • “Stray Cats”
  • “Old Nelly’s High Price”
  • “Something in the Pipes”
  • “Fun Gus the Tap Dance Man”
  • “Mommy’s Baby Don’t Need to Grow Up”
  • Afterword by Bill Gauthier
  • Story Notes
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