“Bill’s work…radiates a raw, naked desire to write. There is a quality in his writing which screams the need to do one thing: write. You read one Gauthier story and you know you’ll eventually be reading more of them because this guy will be writing them for the rest of his life, presumably for, in this age of medical transcendence, a long, long time.”   –Thomas F. Monteleone, author of The Blood of the Lamb, Night of Broken Souls, Fearful Symmetries, M.A.F.I.A., and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Novel

IMG_9442Bill Gauthier has had stories published in the important anthology series Borderlands and magazines such as Dark Discoveries. He is the author of the collection Catalysts (Dark Discoveries Publications, 2007), Alice on the Shelf (Bad Moon Books, 2011), and Shadowed (Delirium Books, 2011), all currently available from Crossroad Press. By day he teaches in a media technology career technical program at a vocational-technical high school, by night he writes. His novel, Echoes on the Pond, is forthcoming from Crossroad Press.

He lives in Southeastern Massachusetts with his wife and daughters.

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