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Alice on the Shelf

Alice on the Shelf is a wonderfully entertaining and interesting take on Lewis Carroll’s classic. I read it in one sitting, always wanting to know what was coming next. Bill Gauthier is a great new writer, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.” — John R. Little, author of the Stoker -winning novella Miranda, The Gray Zone, and The Memory Tree

“…a very clever and sometimes humorous fantasy with children’s beloved characters; however, this is definitely not a story for young children…I enjoyed it very much, and I highly recommend it.” — Sheri White, Horrorgy

“I liked this one quite a lot. The story unfolds neatly and the allusions give it an extra dimension.” — Don D’Ammassa

“One of Gauthier’s strengths seems to be to…tap into his own experiences and turn that into a good story…the mark of a good writer is one that can crystallize this into good fiction.” — Trevor Nordgen, Dark Discoveries


“Bill Gauthier picks at the scabs of reality and lays bare that truths that fester beneath.” –Steve Vernon,

Catalysts by Bill Gauthier is an original and imaginative masterpiece that is as good as it gets for the horror genre.” –Joe Kroeger,

The Growth of Alan Ashley

from Borderlands 5, From the Borderlands, The Best of Borderlands, and Catalysts

“Bill’s story was clever.  It had an interesting character and a weirdly developing plot that was clever, fresh, and witty.” —Thomas F. Monteleone, author of Blood of the Lamb

“Until Borderlands 5 hit my hands, I’d never read a story by Bill, and it may be that I’ve missed out.  Tom and Elizabeth claim Bill as their own discovery, and if this is true, they have discovered a gem.” —David Niall Wilson, Cemetery Dance

“…I was trés impressed to say the least. I expect to see [Bill] around in some other pro markets in the very near future!” —Bev Vincent, author of The Road to the Dark Tower

“[‘The Growth of Alan Ashley’] was a really great story that had me twisted all the way to the end.” –Jon F. Merz, author of The Fixer

“…well written, well paced, nice payoff.  It’s got a good last line, too.” —Brian Freeman, author of Black Fire (as James Kidman)

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