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This Ain’t No Year In Review

Everybody’s doin’ ’em. I’m not. I’ve had ups, I’ve had downs. You’ve had ups, you’ve had downs. If you’re visiting this site, you that I had two novellas published this year: Alice on the Shelf by Bad Moon Books in January, and Shadowed by Delirium Books in March. You’ve bought them and read them and enjoyed them, that’s why you’re here.

Unless that’s not why you’re here.

Maybe you found me via WordPress or another link and you liked it here, in which case, I urge you to click on those links I just provided and pick up a copy of my books. They’re available in that old tree pulp stuff–whatsitcalled?–paper, or as ebooks. Further links are provided to places where you can give your hard-earned money to this working writer.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here and reading this. Instead of looking back and all that, I want to say thank you. Thank you for reading and for responding. It’s been a strange, wonderful, frustrating year.

2012 will hopefully bring you and I together even more. I submitted a novella yesterday and we’ll see where that goes. If the publisher decides it’s not a right fit, then I’ll go elsewhere. Word is that some of my past will be coming back to light this year, more on that when I know more and the ink is dried.

In terms of writing, I have the novel Echoes on the Pond to finally finish up and submit, as well as another that I started writing a few months ago to also work on. I have a few novella ideas, and one that needs to be overhauled that I hope to finally get to. I’d like to write some more short fiction that is actually good, since that’s been a while. My wife and I have been talking about doing a blog together for a while and I think we finally found the right way to do it, so stay tuned for that. I also have some ideas for some nonfiction I’d like to do, though we’ll see. Perhaps a screenplay or comic script might actually be done this year. I promise, if you’re reading this and looking for more work from me, I’m doing my best. I have a lot of work to do for the day job, but with your support the writing work has an easier time getting done.

I’m hoping to attend NECON this year and actually stay, not let my social anxiety get the better of me like it did last time. I may try to do more of that sort of thing in general, if possible.

So basically, that’s that. Happy New Year, and I’ll see you around.

Where the HELL Have I Been?!

Poking my head in to say hello. The classes I mentioned in my last post are almost over, which is great because I have so much writing I need/want to do! Some assignment revising, a project, and an exam and I’ll be through. Major stuff going down in my non-writing career, too, which I won’t talk about, but things seem to be working out, so it’s all good. I love teaching, it’s like writing in that it’s creative but it’s not like writing in that it’s not egotistical. It is for some teachers, I suppose, but when I’m Mr. Gauthier, it’s about the kids. That’s why Bill Gauthier has this website on those books you should be buying for Christmas gifts! Click on the Published Works button at the top of this page to order my books from websites selling them.

I did, indeed, go to Rock ‘N Shock in October. Met the writer Lee Thompson, who was a helluva nice guy. I did not get to meet Robert Englund, though, because of some crappy communication on the part of the convention. Gary Busey walked by me and he’s fuckin’ scary. Also met writer John McIlveen, who shares the Table of Contents page with me on Borderlands 5. Nice guy, though I was so nervous meeting people, I think I came off strange.

I could’ve met more people except that I didn’t find people that friendly. Let me put it this way: I’ve mentioned I have a difficult time in social settings. My only trip (so far) to NECON was a failure because I spoke to almost nobody and then left. I sat through three interesting panels but freaked and ran. My fault, no one else’s. For Rock ‘N Shock, I intended to change that. Lee had reached out via Facebook, so I was emboldened. So I approached a different booth, one that I wish I’d known was there earlier but didn’t, and found a lot of writers I’m friends with on FB standing and sitting around talking…to each other. Several of them even glanced at me but resumed their conversations. No one said anything to me. They didn’t know (I think) I was a writer, I could’ve been a horror fan wanting to buy their merchandise, but I was pretty much ignored.

Seriously, folks, if you want fans to buy your stuff, be available to them. Yes, going to the convention is partly to have fun and meet colleagues and friends, but it’s also work. The fans are the ultimate reason those conventions exist. Be friendlier to them.

Anyway, the day was fun. I got a reproduction poster from A Nightmare on Elm Street and a signed copy of Nursery Rhymes 4 Dead Children by Lee Thompson.

I Mean It This Time…Rock & Shock!

It’s been a while since I posted. I’m in three–count ’em, three–grad-level education courses to keep the Day Job and most of my time has been spent doing homework or spending time with my wife and daughter. Even the writing has sort of been neglected, which pains me to say. Although, I have been editing/revising the novella and novel, and I began the first chapter of a new novel. I had no choice on the new novel. It woke me up at 5 AM one Saturday and needed to come out.

I also had an impromptu radio appearance, which is why I didn’t publicize it.

Anyway, I’m going to Rock and Shock tomorrow. It’s about an hour away from me in Worcester and I’ve wanted to go for a while. This year, Robert Englund will be there and, damnit, so will I. This is something making me nervous because large crowds of people freak me out; my social anxiety kicks me in the ass. Like when I went to NECON two years ago, stayed to watch panels, and left before any real meet-and-greet could happen because of a panic attack. But, damnit, I’ll be at Rock and Shock tomorrow, just as I plan on going to NECON next year.

So if you see me wandering around, say hi. I’ll definitely be looking for some of you to say hi to.

Back to School & A Change In Schedule

September is here and so is the ball of stress that occupies my chest, surrounding my heart until June. As if working as a teacher in a really cool, on-the-forefront-of-modern-education program isn’t enough, I am also going to school so I can maintain my teaching license. This is even more stressful. So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, that’s one reason. It’s not that I don’t love you, I do. You know that. You take time out of your busy lives to read these posts–well, most of you do. That guy over there–yeah, you–you just came in because you Googled the term “the shining for 13 year old?” and you don’t look like you’re staying. If you are, sit down, have a seat. If not, make room for the woman who Googled “attracted to dark things,” she might like it here.

Anyway, I really do appreciate you who read my blog as well as pony up the cash to buy one of my books (click on the Bibliography link above, the Books section for links on buying them for someone else; remember, Halloween and other gift-giving holidays are around the bend!). In between coursework–reading, writing, interviewing people, observing, crying, swearing, writing, and reading–I’ll be working on editing/revising both the novel and novella I’ve been working on for far too long. I’m dancing as fast as I can.

Also, I opted out of doing a reading at the 100 Thousands Poets for Change reading being held at the Gallery X in New Bedford next Saturday (Sept 24th). Mainly because of the aforementioned work. It also falls on a weekend I have my daughter, and while I’d love for her to have a chance to see me be Bill Gauthier, Writer, it’s just bad timing for me right now. But I still want you to go and check out the other great writers going.

So that’s all for now.

Irene, the Day Job, & Other Assorted Shenanigans

It’s the 3rd of September, a Saturday. My wife is at work and I’m sitting at the kitchen table because my previous office chair–purchased for somewhere between $60 and $70 from Staples back in 2006–shit the bed and the old kitchen chair I’ve been using is fucking me up. I found the chair I want to replace it but…you dig.

My birthday came and went, as referred to in my previous post, and all was well. Irene came and went last weekend and the apartment complex we live in was left unscathed. We lost power for about three hours, but I enjoyed it. Other people I know weren’t so lucky. The day job was held back by one day but began Tuesday. I enjoy teaching, but, man, I miss being home and writing.

The thing with teaching is that for all the rewards (and I find there to be a lot of them), it’s just draining. Emotionally, physically, and creatively. Take that and the shitty chair, and this week was a bust workwise. I began the MediaBio post that was supposed to be put up on Thursday but never finished it. The shock of going from my quiet days of working on the novel or novella or blogs to the frantic pace of what I do (and all the business/paperwork that the first few days of school bring with them) just kick me in the groin. Other than the kids, I’m just happy I teach in a non-traditional program where I have very little homework.

Homework. I begin new classes this coming week so I can keep my day job.

I fully suspect, though, that once I get back in the groove of things, I will easily be able to leap into a writing schedule. I’ll begin forcing myself this week because I need to write something to read at the local 100 Thousand Poets for Change reading I’m taking part in on September 24th.

I heard of this through an area poet and friend-of-friends (and Facebook friend) Maggie Cleveland and saw that not only were poets welcome, but other types of writers and musicians were, as well. I began writing an essay to read for it last week but it fell apart. I think I have a different angle on it, though, so I will try it again.

So there you have it. Life here in Gautham. I hope you’re well. Now, I’m going to go work on something.

Prepping for an Appearance, or AAAARGH!

Tom Monteleone once chastised me and another writer on a message board I used to frequent when I expressed nerves about my first public reading. This was sometime in 2003/2004 and essentially, his advice was: “You are in control. Not the audience, you.”

Since then, I did a reading in September 2005 where the only people who attended were my parents and my friend, and one of the women running the event. There were other writers doing things throughout the library and we’d pretty much had a monsoon all morning. I did a joint signing with the awesome Christopher Golden in 2007, to promote Catalysts. I had my books up for auction earlier this year, but since I wasn’t the draw there was no pressure. I’m pretty sure that’s it. Well, I did my two radio appearances, but those are different.

So when I go to the Southworth Library in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, tonight to be a part of Author’s Night!! with  Lynn Kiele Bonasia and Raffi Yessayan, I know one thing for a fact: I’m goan be a-scared!

I can’t help it. I can have pretty bad social anxiety and something like this, even though I know some of the people who will be attending, has me nervous. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to it. I mean, how often do we writers get to talk about ourselves and people don’t mind? How often do we get to meet with past and potential readers? I know that some writers do this more than others, but, for me, it’s still a thrilling and terrifying thing.

Even though the gig is at six tonight, I’m sitting here at 11:30, showered and shaved. I need to iron my shirt, get some change together for prospective buyers, and decide which shoes to wear (I’m thinking of my brown boots–they make me feel badass). If I have the opportunity to read, what will it be? I think I know, but I’m not telling. No food before the gig. I don’t want to have gas, which I get when I’m nervous (I’m about to go chew on some Tums when I finish this). Maybe today is the day to begin meditating.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to going tonight and see what’s what. It seems to be a pretty loose format so we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, as I’m preparing my goods and myself, I think I’ll pop in a Springsteen concert DVD, either Live in Barcelona or Live in New York City (I just watched London Calling: Live in Hyde Park a few weeks back). Or maybe I’ll pop in the Harlan Ellison documentary Dreams with Sharp Teeth (which I’m kinda/sorta in) or listen to one of the On the Road with Ellison CDs I’ve downloaded to my iTunes. Those DVDs and CDs can provide much-needed inspiration tonight.

All right. I’ll be seeing ya.

An Appearance & Order Here!…Kinda

A quick update to say that I’ll be appearing at the Southworth Library in Dartmouth on August 11th. I’ll be joining two other writers, Lynn Kiele Bonasia and Raffi Yessayan for a “Meet the Author” fundraiser. Tickets are $20 and available at the door or by contacting Dolly Sharek at (508) 991-7222 or

Also, I’ve updated my website with links to where to buy my books, both in print and ebook formats. Just go above and click on Bibliography and then Books. Or just click on the link I just gave you.

At some point, I may do a “store” page, but it’ll either be when I can afford a webmaster or change my WordPress layout. Whichever comes first.

EBooks & Radio Nowhere


Spring is here and here in Southeastern Massachusetts, this past week has been a picture of the new season. Temperatures have been in the high 30s and low 40s, and we even had a small snowstorm. Glorious, really. But true sunshine and warmth came this week with the announcement that my novella Shadowed has been released in ebook. It’s available in formats for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, and many other devices, including your computer. So if you haven’t ordered the signed, limited edition mini-hardcover, or if you’ve ordered the handsome collectible hardcover and don’t want to sully it by actually reading it (which is silly, because it’s, you know, a book and all), you have a nice digitized version to read.

Alice on the Shelf is still available in its trade paperback format as well as an ebook format. I strongly urge you to get the paperback because, truthfully, I think it’s a beautifully laid-out paperback, but if you’re into the book being easy to store and easy to carry, the ebook is fine, too.

Radio Nowhere

So, last Saturday night I was sitting on the couch half-comatose. Read the rest of this entry

New Look, Same Place

Welcome to Gautham: Bill! Or welcome back, as the case may be. As you can see, I’ve redesigned the website and relaunched it. I’m not done yet, though. Right now when you go to you are redirected to a WordPress site. This will be changed soon. Also, I’m hoping to change some of the look of the site with the help from some friends. Please bear with me as I tinker and change things.

2010 is already more than halfway through and I’m eagerly awaiting the publication of my novella Alice on the Shelf, which should be out this year. I’m also planning on launching a completely new, self-contained blog that is not about me or my writing career…well…not really. I’ll fill you in as I get closer to the launch of that site.

This coming weekend I’m attending my first-ever Necon. I won’t be staying overnight and won’t be there the whole weekend, but I’m hoping to go and meet some legends as well as people I have only “spoken to” via e-mail. If you’re attending the conference, please say hi.

Things have been slow lately regarding writing news because my non-writing life has been so busy. That’s an excuse, I know, and a pretty lame one, but I remain dedicated and will get back on course.

Keep checking back here for new content, blog posts, and other news. Also follow me on Facebook or Twitter (the links are to the right).

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll catch you later.

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