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The Early 2022 Post, or Man, I Really Need to Step Things Up

Happy New Year! We made it through 2021 and that’s probably as positive as I can be about that experience! I mean, I guess it wasn’t worse than 2019 or 2020, but it wasn’t great. Teaching during the 2021-2022 school year has so far been the most difficult I’ve experienced. We here at casa de Gauthier are still somewhat hunkered down. I haven’t been to the movies since January 2020, for instance, and only go to stores when absolutely needed. Yeah, I’ve gotten my haircut and we’re a little more willing to some things, but we’re still being pretty careful. My nine-year-old, Genevieve, is being homeschooled until the Massachusetts DESE gets their heads out of their asses and do what’s really right for the protection of students (and teachers, but who cares about them!). Still, 2021 saw some exciting things.

In January, I sent a query/proposal to an agent for my middle grade space adventure novel. Having not heard anything for months, I queried other agents, who promptly said, “Thanks but no thanks.” In the last week of December, the agent from January got back to me. While they passed on the novel, they told me that they’d had it on their “maybe” list. So I came thiiiiiiiis close! It’s much-needed validation for the book, so I’m looking forward to looking into more agents and querying.

In February, I went on a limb and emailed Crossroad Press to ask if they’d be interested in bringing out my backlist and maybe a new novel, and they were interested! So that’s the beginning of the journey of the rereleases of Catalysts, Alice on the Shelf, and Shadowed. Alice on the Shelf has been in ebook pretty much since it came out in 2011, but the new versions of Catalysts and Shadowed are currently available, and the new print edition of Catalysts is, too, which is really exciting.

I started editing the new adult horror novel in August and am almost done with the line-edits. December became the month of the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar and the new novel took a backseat while I wrote mini-stories and photos, which I did minor editing to in Procreate, spending from 20 minutes to 2 hours working on the stories. Mostly, they were about an hour or 90 minutes, which is the time I’d usually work on editing the novel. Now that the advent calendar story is over, I’m back on novel duty. I have about 25 pages to edit, and hope to get it done in the next few days. As far as the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar story, that can be seen on my Instagram. If there’s interest, maybe I’ll collect the stories on a page here or on my Patreon.

I’m looking forward to what 2022 has in store and hope I can up things a bit—getting more Patrons, selling more work, and generally getting more stuff done. Echoes on the Pond will be released this year, which is exciting. I look forward to holding my first published novel in hands. I’m hoping to get more things going on my platforms. Part of that is health, too. I need to work on exercising and eating better, so that’ll be on the agenda.

If you’re so inclined, becoming a Patron of my Patreon page will help. I’ve been posting more there than on here, and Patrons get the inside scoop on things, including the titles of the works, occasional previews, excerpts, and perhaps more this year, especially if I get more Patrons.

It’s been a rough few years and I’m hoping 2022 will begin alleviating our pains. Thanks for reading, and I hope we’ll continue this journey for a long time to come. Again, happy New Year.


I’m happy to tell you that my 2007 collection of short stories, Catalysts, has been re-released by the fine folks at Macabre Ink/Crossroad Press! This isn’t just a re-release, but a new, revised edition. This 2021 edition has been revised throughout and includes a new introduction for the 2021 edition, a new short story called “KILL -13-“, which appeared in the anthology Darker Discoveries the year after Catalysts original release, and updated story notes.

Macabre Ink/Crossroad Press will also be re-issuing new editions of Alice on the Shelf and Shadowed, and will be publishing my novel Echoes on the Pond.

Right now, Catalysts is available in ebook with a new print edition in the works. Get a copy at Barnes & Noble or Amazon, or wherever else you get your ebooks.

The Bookmark

I wrote a short memoir about a bookmark that I’ve had for 31 years. Here’s the link.

Patronizing Me & Other Updates, Including a New Book!

I’m sorry for lack of updates, but I have been working my lil ol’ bum off! I just want to through into the ether that I have a Patreon page where I tend to do most of my blogging these days, both the free posts and Patron-only. I’m hoping to update this website a bit in the near future, so if you’ve been following me, thank you! Head on over to Patreon and follow me there, too! And if you’d like to become a Patron, even better!

Things are happening. I’ve signed a contract to bring back my previously published books in new editions. This includes–

  • Catalysts, my short story collection which was originally published by Dark Discoveries Press in 2007. This edition will have a new introduction and a new story, as well as general revisions.
  • Alice on the Shelf, my novella that was originally published in 2011 by Bad Moon Books. I loved the look of the book but the publisher was, well…I’m glad I’m moving on. There will be slight revisions to this.
  • Shadowed, my novella which was published by Delirium Books/DarkFuse in 2011. I loved this experience. Working with Greg Gifune and Shane Staley was a high point. This will be a new edition with some revisions and a new Afterword.

But, not only that, but my novel, Echoes on the Pond, will be published as part of the deal! The publisher hasn’t announced it officially, so I’m not naming them yet, but the contract is signed and I’m looking forward to this as it’s my first published novel!

Anyway, check out the Patreon page and thank you for the continued support!

2021 & Things to Do

I’ll start off right away by saying thank you for reading this. I know that I haven’t kept up with my blogs for awhile and there are lots of reasons, and in the past year, I’m sure you know and have experienced it yourself. Still, time passes and sins of those in charge, and those who put them there, are beginning to truly hit us.

Not only has a pandemic killed over 350,000 people as I write this, but there are fractures all over. And with that pandemic hitting everyone, the Senate has let us all down.

We are not wealthy people, as I’m sure most of you reading this understand and are in similar places. For the past two months, I’ve been working on getting proposals done for the middle grade space adventure novel and the adult horror novel, as well as a final revision of the MG space adventure. I’ve also been working on stories and essays. I’m prepared for when places will begin accepting submissions this month, and am about to query about essays, too. Still, I don’t know if that’ll be enough.

In May 2019, I began a Patreon page for myself. I’m asking you to please take a look, and, if you’re willing, become a Patron. With only one person working in the household right now, this can truly help. On my part, I’ve tried to help by being Patrons to at least two writers I admire and subscribing to a magazine I love. I may try to do more, within my increasingly tighter budget.

I intend to continue working hard in 2021 and you’ll actually begin seeing some of the fruits of the labor from the last few years. Here are some plans I have and a few things I’m trying to figure out:

  • Submitting the middle grade space adventure to agents (which I already mentioned, but if I’m going to list things…).
  • Submitting the adult horror novel to agents or publishers (which I also mentioned, etc.).
  • Revising and submitting short stories.
  • Write a few more short stories.
  • Query about and write nonfiction for paying markets (I used to be a columnist, fer chrissake!).
  • Revise/rewrite 2nd middle grade space adventure novel.
  • Revise/rewrite another adult horror novel.
  • Create more content through Instagram and YouTube.

Those are things in my head right now. The last thing, creating content for Instagram and YouTube, are things that I’ve been thinking about a long time. The Instagram thing will be similar to what I do with the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar every year. The YouTube videos are things I’ve been thinking about a long time and have had people tell me should be of interest.

One way you can help, besides following me on those platforms, is to become a Patron on my Patreon page. My head feels like it’ll split with all the ideas in it, now I just need an audience willing to see it. Are you interested?

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Imagine my surprise when I saw I hadn’t posted here since last May. I thought for sure that I’d made posts that were crossovers with my Patreon page since then, but the proof is in front of me. I’ve been pretty terrible about blog posts in general, here and on Patreon. As a teacher, once the school year starts, my writing time seems to be focused primarily on the main project at hand. In my case, I started a second middle grade space adventure novel, and revised the first one. I also finished the first draft of an adult horror novel last year, and was marketing Echoes on the Pond. So I’ve been busy. And I’ve occasionally posted on my Patreon page for subscribers. It’s just…I’m really bad at it.

And now…


Well…I have some time. When Genevieve isn’t using this computer for school-related stuff, and when I’m not using the computer for school-related stuff, I have time to post.

With the quarantines for Covid-19 in full bloom, I realized that I can use this time and catch up on writing. I may need to. People will always need to read, right? Anyway, I’m taking this one day–one post–as a time. I’ll probably post to Patreon more than here, but will try–when appropriate–to cross-post.

Anyway, stay safe out there. I hope to see you ’round.

EBooks & Radio Nowhere


Spring is here and here in Southeastern Massachusetts, this past week has been a picture of the new season. Temperatures have been in the high 30s and low 40s, and we even had a small snowstorm. Glorious, really. But true sunshine and warmth came this week with the announcement that my novella Shadowed has been released in ebook. It’s available in formats for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, and many other devices, including your computer. So if you haven’t ordered the signed, limited edition mini-hardcover, or if you’ve ordered the handsome collectible hardcover and don’t want to sully it by actually reading it (which is silly, because it’s, you know, a book and all), you have a nice digitized version to read.

Alice on the Shelf is still available in its trade paperback format as well as an ebook format. I strongly urge you to get the paperback because, truthfully, I think it’s a beautifully laid-out paperback, but if you’re into the book being easy to store and easy to carry, the ebook is fine, too.

Radio Nowhere

So, last Saturday night I was sitting on the couch half-comatose. Read the rest of this entry

Get Shadowed

So the news I mentioned last month is that my novella Shadowed will be published by Delirium Books in March 2011. I have added a Shadowed page to the site with some behind-the-scene information.

Shadowed will be published as part of Delirium’s novella line and will be limited to 150 signed/numbered mini-hardcovers. The great cover is by Daniele Serra, who has done the art for many books for Delirium. Check out his site.

Pre-orders will begin on January 4th, 2011, so this is a great way to spend gift money. I’ll post more information as it becomes available.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this book. Delirium has done some great books in the past and I’m honored to be part of their list.

Some News…Kinda

About a month ago, an opportunity arrived in my e-mail. I had about two weeks to do work that normally would’ve taken a month or more. I took the opportunity. Two weeks after I submitted the novella (one of the ones mentioned in my last post), I received an offer on it.

I’m going to hold back on the official announcement until the publisher has announced it, but 2011 looks like a busy publishing year so far.

So please keep checking back for more news and updates.

Not Abandoned

Once I got this site up and running, I began working on another that I referenced in the first post here. I’m not quite ready to go “live” with it yet, but you’ll know when it is live.

I didn’t get to experience as much of Necon as I would have liked (three panels on Friday only) because I wasn’t feeling well and left. Maybe next year….

I’ve begun planning something for the Special Content tab above, so stay tuned.

I began a short story the other day, we’ll see where that goes.

I’m reading Justin Cronin’s The Passage and am enjoying the hell out of it.

Talk to you later.

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